Word of the day: clever

: marked by practical intelligence


Word clever has appeared in 92 articles on NYTimes.com over the past year, including the July 9 in the opinion piece “A Packed Schedule Doesn’t Really ‘Enrich’ Your Child” by Shalini Shankar:

But it is now clear that all of this costly enrichment will not make children successful. Although middle- and upper-class millennials mortgaged their childhood to enter college, then struggled into adulthood in unpaid internships, they are unable to acquire the levels of economic security and social still held by their baby boomer parents.

Maybe that’s why Gen Z showed clever awareness of the dangers of overwork, with some high-level Zoomers demonstrating acts of radical self-preservation. Gen Z tennis star Naomi Osaka, for example, recently chose to prioritize her well-being over the demands of her career when she dropped out of Roland Garros after officials gave her a fined for refusing to attend his post-match press conferences. Gen Z seems to have accepted that no matter how much you love your job, your job won’t love you back. Their parents – Gen Xers and even older millennials – were late for this lesson, and if they learned it at all, it was often only when they hit a wall of burnout.

Can you use the word correctly clever in a sentence?

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