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The Reporter is excited to present their first short story writing competition. The contest titled “A Winter’s Tale: 2022 Iron County Reporter Short Story Contest” is the first of its kind at The Reporter.

Entries for the competition will be accepted from December 8 to February 1, 2022.

The competition provides an opportunity for aspiring writers, young and old, to present works of fiction or non-fiction to audiences across the country. For the experienced narrative prose composer, the competition is an invitation to increase brand awareness or to present new and more obscure works to the public.

There are two divisions for participants, Junior and Senior, which primarily correspond to “children” and “adults” respectively.

Each entry will be judged above all on its adherence to the rules. Beyond the guidelines listed, the only remaining limits lie in human consciousness.

Towards Arizona in the west, Florida in the south and North Carolina in the east, the Americans subscribe to the Journalist. For the sake of beloved readers around the world, the competition is open to entries from anyone passionate about writing. There are no residency conditions.

All entrants should refer to the full list of contest rules and instructions below before submitting a short story for review:

Registration rules, instructions, essential information and prices

Registration rules and instructions

▪ The submitted story should not be currently published in any format

▪ Each entry for the competition must be typed; handwritten submissions will not be accepted

▪ Applications should preferably be submitted by e-mail to [email protected] with the subject line “ICR 2022 Short Stories Competition”

▪ Only submissions printed in black ink on white paper will be accepted for review.

▪ Stories should be a minimum of 3,500 words and a maximum of 9,000 words. Submissions exceeding the maximum word count or failing to meet the minimum requirements will be withdrawn from publication review at the discretion of the Iron County reporter.

▪ All entries submitted as physical copies must be entered in 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced

▪ Only one (1) entry per person will be accepted

▪ All entries must be submitted by February 1, 2022

▪ Entries can be based on fact or fiction

▪ “Fan fiction” – fictional stories based on copyrighted and / or currently existing literary / cinematographic / television characters – is not permitted and will result in instant disqualification

▪ Each submission must have the following information in the upper left corner of the first page:

o First and last name

o City and state of residence

o Contact details (phone number, email address or both)

o Age

o Entrance division (Junior or Senior)

o Number of words

o Title

▪ Failure to comply with any of the above rules may result in disqualification at the discretion of the Iron County reporter

Essential information

▪ There will be two divisions in which a participant can submit a bid: ‘Junior’ and ‘Senior’

▪ The Junior division is intended for children 16 and under

▪ The Senior division is aimed at 17 years and over.

▪ There will be two winning entries, one for each division – Junior and Senior

▪ The address, phone number and email address will not be published.

▪ Stories can be reformatted and edited for content; Any changes made will be kept to the minimum necessary to maintain the original meaning, purpose and / or intent of the submission.

▪ “invented words” – spellings of fictitious places and objects are acceptable, but the idea should be clear

▪ All characters in works of fiction must be original. Names and images protected by copyright will not be accepted and will result in disqualification


▪ Winning submissions will be printed in the Iron County Reporter over a multiple issue period

▪ Winning entrants can receive a free one (1) year online subscription to the Iron County Reporter

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