William Shatner’s “TekWar” animated series, possible multiverse

William Shatner is bringing back his “TekWar” sci-fi franchise in the form of a new television series.

“TekWar” was William Shatner’s 90s sci-fi passion project. About thirty years later, he adapted his science fiction universe into an animated television series for adults.

Deadline reported Tuesday that Shatner, best known for playing James T. Kirk in the original “Star Trek” series, was working with Pure Imagination Studios to develop and produce the adaptation. By deadline, the “TekWar” novels are set in 2043 and follow a former detective in the futuristic Los Angeles who has been accused of selling an illegal mind-altering drug in the form of a bionumeric chip. It poses a great threat to humanity and has the potential to become a virus that will lead to an irretrievable future.

Shatner’s nine “TekWar” novels, written by ghosts by Ron Goulart, were published from 1989 to 1997. The “TekWar” novels have been adapted into a variety of media, including four TV movies, a live action series of two. seasons, as well as comics and a video game.

“We are very excited to be working with the legendary William Shatner to reimagine the world of ‘TekWar’ in a post-pandemic time,” John P. Roberts, Content Manager for Pure Imagination, said in a statement to Deadline. “TekWar” was truly ahead of its time in envisioning a future filled with AI and the world of simulated reality. It’s becoming our reality now, and we’re excited to build a storyline around it. “

Deadline described the upcoming animated series as a “mixed reality” project; While the series can be enjoyed without any knowledge of its previous iterations, viewers will be able to “participate” in the show in various forms of technology via mobile, tablets or handheld devices, according to the publication. The “TekWar” series would aim to revitalize intellectual property; The producers told Deadline that the series was the “first step” in building a multiverse based on “TekWar”.

As for Shatner, the actor reprized his role on “Star Trek” in a variety of titles as a result of his work on the original series and has appeared in a handful of recent projects. Shater’s recent TV credits include hosting the History channel’s non-fiction series “The UnXplained”, and he also has film credits in titles such as “Senior Moment”, “Devil’s Revenge” and ” To Your Last Death “.

Deadline’s full report on “Tekwar” news can be read here.

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