Wedding dress gift for medical staff becomes more meaningful

Free wedding dresses go to Bay Area medical workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, as a thank you.

What would you like to know

  • Regent event venue is accepting nominations for over 30 dresses to give away
  • Applications are accepted until September 15
  • To appoint a Bay Area Healthcare Worker, contact The Regent by email or call 813-571-2494

The Regent event venue is accepting nominations for over 30 dresses to offer. Some of these are show dresses, others still carry the tags.

Shannon Keil, CEO of The Regent helped bride-to-be Devyn Northe choose the perfect wedding dress.

“Whatever looks good on me, I don’t have a specific style,” Northe said. “I’m generally pretty straightforward to choose from.”

Keil suits his wives with joy and gratitude.

“What better way to say thank you than to wear these dresses and give them to them,” Keil said.

Thank you to the medical workers on the front lines of the pandemic.

“They are there everyday, they are there to take care of us, they are there to take care of our family members,” Keil said.

Keil thought dresses would be a great way to show gratitude.

“There’s tailoring, there’s more Greek, there’s simpler, there’s $ 3,000 couture dresses,” Keil said. “Anything from 0 to size 24.”


The giveaway is open to medical workers in the Bay Area. You must be nominated.

Northe is a surgical nurse at the Brandon Regional Hospital. His floor also cares for COVID-19 patients.

“It means so much, you’d never know. When you’re trying to plan something like a wedding and it’s so stressful and you’re a COVID nurse on top of that, it’s a lot and there’s no way than you could ever thank someone for something like this, “Northe said.” It’s one of the most cherished parts of a wedding. “

Nurses like Northe would have a personal impact on Keil.

“I was recently released from the hospital with COVID pneumonia and acute respiratory failure and a local hospital here saved my life,” Keil said.

Keil’s doctors told her she was lucky to be alive.

“Whatever your higher power is, it gets you out of here,” he said because we don’t know, a miracle just happened, ”Keil said.

Helping healthcare workers find and then gift them the dress of their dreams now takes on new meaning.

“How can you say thank you when someone saved your life, so many of them as I can thank,” Keil said. “I’m going to do it because that’s how I’m going to bless them for all that they have blessed me.”

The blessings are felt on both sides.

“It brings so much joy, I don’t have to work overtime for a dress, I don’t have to worry, I don’t have any of those worries and these are beautiful dresses,” Northe said. .

Now to choose between the beautiful dresses.

“They deserve it, they walk in shoes that we couldn’t even understand,” Keil said.

Northe hopes to walk down the aisle in one of them.

“Have that special moment where she walks and he sees her and that she’s everything he’s ever expected and wished for, I have her on the rack. I have her story and so I’m ready for it. that she has it. “

Devyn and Matt will tie the knot in the fall of 2022.

“We’re going to give them a little bit of joy at a hard-to-find time right now,” Keil said.

Applications are accepted until September 15th. To appoint a Bay Area healthcare worker, contact The Regent by email or call 813-571-2494. Include the name, establishment where the person works, their phone number, and an essay of 500 words or less explaining why the person should be named.

The candidate should also include their contact details.

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