Author Ryan Dennis, who grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York, just called for fiction, non-fiction and poetry submissions for a 30-40 page booklet titled “Voices From The Land”.

Ryan has been selected as one of two Writers in Residence at Maynooth University for 2021-2022.

“The project that I am developing in this position aims to give Irish farmers a voice and to share, in writing, their experiences and understanding of farming,” he said.

“As the number of farmers in Ireland decreases, their representation in the literature also decreases.

“This makes it harder for those who are not farming to learn more about the industry and what it means to be a farmer, and prevents the Irish farmer from seeing his experiences reflected in the things he does. he reads. .

“Ultimately, the lack of literature on agriculture makes it a solitary occupationRyan continued.

“The aim of ‘Voices From The Land’ is not only to fill this gap, but to enable Irish farmers to define the farming experience for themselves in a way that is generally not accessible to them.

“Currently, while there are various publications that provide industry news and technical information, there is no venue that focuses on creative writing specifically and exclusively on Irish agriculture. ”

The deadline for submissions to “Voices From The Land” is February 1, 2022. Submissions can be emailed to: [email protected]

There is no word limit and those from all writing experiences are encouraged to participate. Ryan is also available to work with any potential contributor to help them develop and Edit their room.

Voice of the earth

“Voices From The Land” will be released at the end of spring 2022

“Currently, I am in discussion with several organizations to distribute it. It will be available nationwide no matter what, ”Ryan concluded.