“The Last Duel” Trailer: Let’s Talk About Hair In “The Last Duel”

Soon another A-lister appears in an almost unrecognizable grooming: none other than Ben Affleck, as Count Pierre d’Alençon. His situation at the top is no different from Damon’s, but much shorter, and also much more platinum. (The film is — next Enough saidby Nicole Holofcener, the first writing work Affleck and Damon have collaborated on since 1997 Goodwill hunting.)

Ben Affleck in The last duel, 2021.Courtesy of Scott Free Productions and 20th Century Studios

Like any good trailer, it left us with more questions than answers: Did the squire do it? Who won the duel? And were the 14th century knights really running around, looking like Bushwick art masters and partying country musicians? According to Rachael Gibson, a historical hairstylist who maintains The Hair Historian Instagram account, yes. “Bangs were incredibly common for men at all levels in the 14th century,” she told me via email. Apparently Lord Farquaad is a classic example. In that sense, Damon’s “medieval mule”, as she called it, is perfect.

The flowing waves of the driver are also present – men often used primitive styling tools to create texture, resulting in a sort of mass bob style that became consistent across all professions. Even Affleck’s dye job, though perhaps too brassy and chemical a shade for the pre-platinum days, is not far from the basics: Gibson says hair dyes have been used pretty much all of the time. history of mankind.

The biggest thing that typically distinguishes weird medieval hair from weird modern hair, Gibson points out, is consistency: since the Catholic Church ruled the proper hairstyles, people across Europe tended to follow the line. Somehow, though, men still managed to get a little weird, at least in the world of The last duel.

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