Summer Reading: 14 Fascinating Books to Get Rid of You


Clara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

Kazuo Ishiguro’s first novel since winning the Nobel Prize said, “It takes place in the near and difficult future where AI and genetic improvement could create a lower class of humans.” Parents .. The story of a robot who becomes the “artificial friend” of a sick teenager. Clara and the Sun are ‘Slow Burning Masterpieces’ FT – An Amazing Study of What It Means to Be Human. Get out now; Weekly Shop £ 15.99

Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz passengers

According to the Times, this “dramatic thriller” was first published in 1939 and recently rediscovered, telling the story of a Jewish businessman who traveled through pre-war Germany. In an attempt to escape the Nazis, he crosses Germany by train, but finds that all exits are closed. “Awesome,” said Alec Russell. FT – “Easy” my book this year. Get out now; Weekly Shop € 11.99

Abigail Dean Girl A

Rex, a successful New York lawyer, said she and her siblings lived in the north of England in a house that was badly abused as children. The Sunday Times .. Abigail Dean’s novel (the world’s bestseller) depicts a traumatic conflict with Rex’s past. “”Girl A We welcomed me from the first page, ”said Sophie Warburton. The Sunday Telegraph .. “It goes back and forth between the past and the present, there is a twist and it spins a lot. ” Get out now; Weekly Shop € 11.99

Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller

This fascinating novel has been featured on HBO television before, but it features decades of family heritage, love, lies, secrets, and an indescribable childhood story. As he leads Bishop to the cliffs of life, it unfolds around the clock and 50 years of changing decisions. “It’s a sensory novel, some of which are painfully sharp,” writes Patricia Nicol. Times .. “It seems like a very certain start. ” Get out now; Water stones € 12.99

Second place by Rachel Cask

Rachel Cask, who started writing “very interesting” literary novels, recently switched to “Austerly” autofiction, says John Selph. Time.. Second place Is “the integration of the old and the new”. An experimental and philosophical novel with “big characters” and some “really funny” jokes. Narrator M is a writer who lives in a coastal house with her husband. She invites the painter she admires to stay in the annex (the “second place” in the title), but he brings in an uninvited companion, a “really terrible” young woman. Not perfect, but Second place A fascinating play by “one of our most interesting writers”. Get out now; Weekly Shop € 11.99

Another black girl from Zakiya Darilla Harris

The description Go out meet The devil wears PradaThis electric debut is about the tension that spreads when two young black women encounter the pure white background of book publishing. “Readers should appreciate the world of publishing and its quirky take on a professional black woman struggling to get hold of herself and her hair,” writes author Regina Porter. Parents.. Get out now; Water stones € 12.99

The Reykjavik Book edited by Vera Júlíus dóttir and Becca Parkinson

Iceland is a land of stories, from its mythical epics of the past to the present claim that it is home to more writers, published books and enthusiastic readers than anywhere else in the world. Capital (and only city), Reykjavik has long inspired these stories. Tensions between the surrounding countryside, passed from fishing village to metropolis, the past of the countryside and the present of the city are intertwined. the road. The Reykjavik BookShaping the contours of a fragmented city, characterized by both contradiction and creativity. Released August 12. Amazon £ 9.99

Slow Burning Fire by Paula Hawkins

Third book by a bestselling author Girl on the train And In water Find out how life can be turned upside down by decisions made decades ago. Following Laura, suspected of a brutal murder on a London Canal boat, Slow burning fire We will delve into the events of a criminal life. “Each character’s flaws will surprise and perhaps fascinate you – and only clairvoyance could predict the end of the book,” he says. New York Times .. Released on August 31. Water stones € 16.99


Sleeping Beauty by Sae Yamamoto O’Sullivan

This “extraordinary book” by neurologist Susanne O’Sullivan claims that it explores the mysterious world of psychosomatic disorders. Times .. The headline refers to “Resignation Syndrome”. This was highlighted in the 1990s when a group of girls in Stockholm (all asylum seekers) suddenly fell into catatonia. O’Sullivan’s investigation, sometimes referred to as “group hysteria,” is “unbelievable” in every way, O’Sullivan said. The Daily Telegraph .. Get out now; Weekly Shop € 13.99

Fall: The Mystery of Robert Maxwell by John Preston

Author of Very English scandal He says he revealed “the extreme appetite, ambition and Baron Press’s feud with Rupert Murdoch”. Parents .. It all ends with her yacht, Lady Guillene – named after her “now equally infamous” daughter. “John Preston’s work on this wonderful biography is extensive. He interviewed Maxwell’s three children and his sister, ”said Melania McDonna. London Evening Standard .. “But it also presents a great character at the heart of a fascinating novel that happens to be true.” Released July 16. Weekly Shop € 14.99

Premonition of Michael Lewis

In this non-fiction thriller, Big short We are looking at a group of American scientists who have spent years preparing for a pandemic like Covid, but they are just not happy with the bureaucrats. The main characters are a 13-year-old girl whose science project on the transmission of airborne pathogens develops into a model of disease control and local public health, which uses a worm’s perspective to see what is missing. CDC. Includes officials and reveals great truths about American society. ” Premonition “I am terribly critical of the failure of the system,” said Lula Halaf. FT .. Get out now; Water stones 25 €

Real Estate by Deborah Levy

Following an international critical and commercial success Cost of lifeThis latest volume of “Living Autobiography” by Deborah Levy is a daring and intimate meditation on the home and the infested public. immovable Resume and expand Levi’s pioneering research into the lives of women living in today’s storm, asking critical questions about femininity, modernity, creative identity, and personal freedom. I go. “Each of these books has several rereadings. Together they provide a version of how a woman can constantly rewrite her own story, ”writes Stephanie Merit. Parents.. Get out now; Weekly Shop £ 8.99

Conversation on love by Natasha Ran

All forms of love celebrations, inspired by the newsletter of the same name by RED magazine reporter Nata Sharan, were acquired by the publisher after the 16-vote auction. After years of interviewing people about their relationships, Lunn has learned that our daily questions about love are often rooted in three main questions. How do you keep it? And how do we survive when we lose it? The book explores all three and includes interviews with authors and experts such as Dolly Alderton, Philippa Perry, and Esther Perel. Released on July 15th. Water stones € 14.99

World for Sale by Javier Brass and Jack Falcy

Two leading Bloomberg journalists have shown the rise of the world’s most powerful commodities traders since the 1970s through geopolitical vignettes, including the “revolutionary privatization” of the Soviet Union. FT..The idea is that the ingredients that make our lives so comfortable are too boring to live on, says John Arridge. The Sunday Times .. “As this remarkable book reveals, we cannot go further from the truth.” Get out now; Weekly Shop £ 15.99

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