Students participate in an awareness program in Karimnagar

Posted: Posted Date – 10:46 PM, Fri – 29 Apr 22

Hyderabad: Young job candidates got a taste of the intricacies and nuances of competitive exam preparation during a free outreach program hosted by Telangana Today and Namasthe Telangana in Karimnagar on Friday. The event, held with the state government’s mega recruitment campaign in mind, also saw experts give advice needed to pass written exams and successfully prepare for government employment.

Speaking at the ceremony, BC Minister of Welfare and Civil Supplies Gangula Kamalakar said the state government’s announcement to recruit more than 80,000 positions was a historic event. , neither the Center nor any other state government having ever recruited in such large numbers. .

“Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has decided to fill more than 80,000 vacant jobs to provide employment for young unemployed people,” he said, pointing out that in former Andhra Pradesh, around 80% of jobs were provided by the people of Andhra while young Telangana were forced to migrate to Dubai and Mumbai in search of employment. The situation changed after the formation of the state of Telangana.

“In order to ensure maximum employment opportunities for the people of Telangana, the Chief Minister has put in place a zonal system, which will help unemployed young people to find jobs,” he added.
Stating that there was no possibility of irregularities in the recruitment, the minister said the recruitment would be transparent and advised job applicants not to approach intermediaries.

Karimnagar Mayor Y Sunil Rao, Telangana Today Editor K Sreenivas Reddy, District Libraries Chairman Enugu Ravinder Reddy and others were present.

Targeted preparation will help aspirants find employment: Balalatha

Unemployed youths preparing for competitive examinations can achieve their dream of getting government jobs if they focus and work hard for six months from now, said Balalatha Mallavarapu, Principal of CSB IAS Academy, Hyderabad.

Speaking to job aspirants at the Telangana Today-Namasthe Telangana Outreach Program, Balalatha, who cracked Civilians twice, said those with strong will will succeed in life. Perfect planning, hard work, complete knowledge of the program and confidence were important for the aspirants to achieve their goals.

Advising candidates to repeatedly revise old and pattern papers, she said regular practice of pattern papers was key to retaining knowledge gained from reading books. Identifying important topics and preparing notes was the best way to prepare for competitions.

Reading newspapers was also important to keep abreast of various topics and the latest developments nationally and internationally. Recalling her own civilian preparations, Balalatha said she used to spend half the day reading newspapers.

Stating that time management was also important, she said it was possible to land jobs if aspirants continued to prepare for eight to ten hours a day for six months, adding that topics from now on could include Dalit Bandhu, Rythu Bandhu, Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bhagiratha, TS-iPASS, TS-bPASS, famous Telangana personalities and writers and other issues.

The essential study plan to succeed in the competitions: Sindhu Sharma

Jagtial SP Sindhu Sharma said a study plan is important for passing the competitions. Applicants should have full knowledge of the program and prepare a study plan for each subject and stick the plan on the wall where they sat for preparation, she told aspirants to the program’s job. sensitization.

Stating that the preparation should be result oriented, Sharma said that getting the job done should be a one-stop program for the candidates. They must not stray from their agenda.

Informing the aspirants that the next two months were precious, she insisted on continuing the preparations with commitment and timing. Regarding getting coaching in the institutions, the SP said that the coaching would only give some advice but would not completely help in finding a job. In the end, everything would depend on the preparation of the candidates.

Advising applicants to apply for all jobs instead of overlooking certain jobs as lower level positions, Sharma said the new zonal system stipulated that only local applicants would get jobs.

Referring to the apprehensions of women to join the gendarmerie, she specified that there was no reason to doubt since all the provisions were there to protect the interests of female cops.

There were no shortcuts to finding a job, serious preparation was the only way to achieve the goals.

Trust is everything: Dr. Vepa

The director of the Vepa Foundation, Dr. CS Vepa, emphasized the importance of confidence when preparing for contests.

Explaining the techniques of reading subjects and remembering them, Dr. Vepa said that it is not possible to be successful without a strategy. It was therefore important for applicants to prepare a master plan by interacting with experts.

There was a lot of difference between academic exams and competitions. The evaluators had the possibility of allotting a half mark to the students during the evaluation of the academic tests. However, such odds would not be available in contests.

Apart from knowledge, candidates must be in good physical and mental shape to continue their preparation. Candidates should know why they are taking exams.
He also advised candidates to write down the topic in bullet points and remember the topic after completing a paragraph in addition to visualizing it.

Experts clarify doubts

The free awareness program for job candidates preparing for the various competitions organized by Namasthe Telangana and Telangana Today here on Friday was well received.
About 1,800 to 2,000 candidates participated in the program and clarified their doubts by interacting with experts such as CSB IAS Academy Director Balalatha Mallavarapu; Director of Vepa Foundation Dr. CS Vepa and Jagtial SP Sindhu Sharma.

Sneha: How to shorten the program?

Balalatha: Prepare notes in the form of bullet points, flowcharts and draw diagrams for easy remembering. Important points should be noted in the notes. The subject given in 100 pages must be prepared in 100 points.

Kumar: How can we overcome weakness and the fear of losing in the exam?

Bala: It is not possible to succeed if the candidates develop fear. Regardless of victory or defeat, candidates must make serious preparation efforts and succeed. There is a chance to get any job if you work hard.

Niranjan: How to complete the syllabus?

Bala: It is possible to complete the syllabus in three months if the preparation is done 10 hours a day from today by preparing a plan.

Harathi: How to avoid negative marks?

Bala: Do not answer questions that you are unsure of. Candidates can answer questions that have a fifty percent chance.

Q: How can we develop essay writing skills?

Bala: Read newspapers regularly, especially letters to the editor to develop essay writing skills.

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