Promotional cash loans

Lack of money effectively prevents you from fulfilling your dreams. You don’t have to wait many months for your desires to be fulfilled. Extra money is at your fingertips, just select the best bank offer and it turns out that the implementation of your desires is not as expensive as it may seem to you.

It is increasingly said that banks are looking for ways to get extra money because of the cost of asset tax. Already some financial products have changed their conditions, fees for maintaining accounts, use of payment cards or withdrawals from ATMs have increased. Deposits with interest rates reduced by up to 0.90% are even less favorable. Despite their concerns, banks continue to offer attractive loans that provide low monthly installments. If you want to get cash, all you have to do is fill out the appropriate application and the funds can be on your account even in one day.

Don’t pay interest


Currently, as many as two offers are associated with promotions that guarantee no nominal interest rate. The borrower is therefore required to pay a commission and preparation costs. Both Interest-Free Loans and Loans look particularly favorably, especially when compared to other debts for any purpose of a small amount.

Bank offers a flexible commission depending on the repayment period.

Bank offers a flexible commission depending on the repayment period.

The minimum commission is 6.00% while the maximum is 9.00%. The highest value of the Loan Without Interest is USD 10,000.00. When applying for a loan of up to USD 5,000.00, it is possible to bypass the employment and earnings certificate, as the bank honors a personal statement of fixed income. The loan period is between 6 and 30 months. Installments are equal throughout the duration of the contract, thanks to which even if the terms of the newly concluded contracts change, the customer will not pay for his loan more than was planned in accordance with the schedule set when signing the documents.

Bank occupies a very high, second place in the ranking. The loan is a product very similar to the offer of Bank. However, the customer must take into account the cost of the commission for granting the loan, amounting to 10.00% of the contracted debt. The offer may, however, be more advantageous due to the higher maximum amount – USD 15,000.00 and up to twice the loan period, up to 60 months.

Bank requires a certificate of employment and stable income, but the advantage of the loan is the very short time required to obtain credit approval, only 15 minutes is enough.

Until when can you take advantage of the promotion?

Until when can you take advantage of the promotion?

Bank do not indicate a deadline by which it is possible to conclude the contract on the given conditions. This means that products may remain in this form in their offer even until the bank reference interest rate has not changed. Currently, the market situation is so uncertain that even the best analysts are not able to indicate what decisions will be taken during the next meetings of the Monetary Policy Council. Contrary to earlier announcements, the Council will probably implement a mild monetary policy in line with the expectations of the ruling party.