Political leaders must ‘let go’ of bad-behaved men with impunity

“Changing the policy of Parliament must include being prepared to get rid of those who behave badly,” they write.

Ms Thwaites said it would take courage from political leaders, but there were examples from other parliaments, such as New Zealand and the UK.

Labor MP Jenny Macklin delivers her farewell speech in 2019.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

“The moment we have this comes because so many brave women have decided to tell their story, we cannot lose that momentum because of an election,” she told the Herald and Age.

“It’s too important for it to become just an electoral issue, it continues over the long term … [and] it’s about what we say to women in Australia, how we value them and how we see them as equal.

However, Macklin also felt it was important to highlight the gains made: women’s representation in Parliament, sex discrimination laws, subsidized contraception, legal abortion and paid parental leave.


She wants to make sure that young women still see parliamentary life as worth it.

“Yes, we need to make sure it’s a safe place to work for MPs and staff, but we also need to really emphasize that this is the place where you can make the changes that improve life. people, ”she said.

One of the drivers of a broader cultural shift they suggest is a further expansion of paid parental leave to encourage fathers to take on more caring roles.

Ms Thwaites said the first step would be to take the ten-year-old program and strengthen the father and partner element of pay, which is currently only two weeks. Other changes are expected to focus on the level of pay and offer a significant ‘use it or lose it’ part, which international evidence shows is very effective in getting men to take parental leave.

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