Non-Fiction Book Review of All I’ve Got Is Yours: A Marriage by Eleanor Henderson

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Anyone who enjoys medical mystery stories and the voyeuristic pleasure of watching a couple’s marital gut strength will be thrilled as I was with Eleanor Henderson All I have is yours: a marriage. For cinephiles; think Extraterrestrial meets Revolutionary route.

While I understand ravenous mystery lovers, I dare an avid thriller enthusiast to read this non-fiction and not also call it a page turner.

For anyone who has experienced one or both of drug addiction or childhood trauma, or anyone who has lived in upstate New York (Ithaca to be precise), the West Coast of Florida or the Big Apple, this book will remind you of all the reasons you loved (and maybe sometimes hated) living there.

Sometimes justified by ending relationships that are too stressful to endure, and then almost equally as ashamed of not having made it through, Henderson approaches the struggle with these same philosophies and ultimately prays that the cyclical neglect, abandonment and dysfunction s ‘stop at his generation rather transmitted to his children.

A beautiful ode to relationships of all types, “All I Have Is Yours” is now available in store at BookStoreOne Sarasota 12 S. Palm Ave. Sarasota, FL 34236 or online at

Photo courtesy of The Associated Press

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