Man moans in article about women who won’t date him

Meetings are often difficult, sometimes hilarious and often disappointing. But we still keep going, updating our profiles on Tinder and Bumble, hoping to meet a like-minded soul to build a life with (or at least spend an evening with). I’m a big fan of online dating myself (that’s how I met my husband) but I’ve had plenty of disastrous dates before him.

Apparently, however, there is a new development that is ruining the love lives of single men around the world: Culture Wars! (DUM DUM DUM!) Or at least, that’s the argument writer David Bates makes in his op-ed for The Times UK titled “Undated at 29 – are my opinions too ‘problematic’ for Hinge and Bumble?

In the editorial, Bates complains that the proliferation of politics in dating profiles is ruining the experience for himself and for others, writing, “… guys,” now we have factions, ”adding that“ all of us university educated Londoners aged 24 to 33 – there was a recurring theme: no curators allowed ”.

Bates continues: “I have looked at a lot of these profiles, read thousands of guest posts and have never seen one that criticizes the Labor Party (probably in a different social corral, they exist). There are many who laugh at the Conservatives, however. A common answer is basic: “You shouldn’t go out with me if…. . you are tory. And with that position comes a list of ideological demands, ostentatiously displayed, that seem incongruous with attraction. “

The Tories, the UK’s Tory Party, are apparently upset because they are being judged for their political views. But as Tories on both sides of the Atlantic move further to the right, it’s no surprise that London’s young, diverse and mostly liberal singles don’t want to date Tories.

Bates, who is quick to call himself a liberal (lest he lose more dates) complains that people are too caught up in signaling virtue. He laments, “What’s the relevance of that to love or attraction?” What about luxurious hair, laughter and a beautiful face? “

The point is, luxurious hair can’t compensate for someone who believes that women shouldn’t have reproductive freedoms. Laughter cannot make someone who despises immigrants palatable. And no matter how nice your face is, transphobia and homophobia are deal breakers.

Bates would like to separate his political beliefs from his romantic compatibility, but political views are an extension of his values. And no one can build a life (let alone a casual relationship) with someone who holds heinous values. Frankly speaking, Mr. Bates, you are not single because of the “culture wars”. You are single because you are a hole.

(Going through The Times UK, image: screenshot)

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