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“Ruins of Darkness” by William McKilvanie

Lawyer Bobby Carter has done a lot of work for the wrong kind of people. When his body is found in an alleyway behind a pub known to be under the protective wings of a local criminal boss, the delicate balance that has kept Glasgow relatively safe for months collapses. to augment. In addition to a distraught family and many strong friends, Carter left behind his fair share of the enemy. So who is responsible for his death?

Husband by Chandler Baker

Nora Spangler is a successful lawyer, but when it comes to family life she cooks lunch, schedules doctor’s appointments, knows where to find extra paper towel rolls, and designs and orders. greeting cards. .. Her husband works so hard… but why does she always seem to work so hard?

Jenny McCarthy’s Fugitive

Like recent college graduates, Jona Winters doesn’t know what’s going to happen next. Young black American who grew up in France and lives in New York, he tried several careers to realize that nothing was right for him. And because Jonah struggles to imagine her future, she feels pressure from friends and family to prioritize her community’s struggles before looking for herself.

Sae Yamamoto Hayes Home Front Girls

Rita Vincenzo received her first letter from Glory Whitehall in January 1943. Glory is an effervescent young mother from New England, impulsive and without birds. Rita is the wife of a Midwestern teacher, enjoys gardening, and has a generous, old soul. These two women have nothing in common except a strong bond. The men they love go to war in a world far from home.


End of Bias: Beginning: Science and Practice for Overcoming Unconscious Bias by Jessica Nodel

Unconscious Bias: Permanent and involuntary behaviors involving biases that conflict with our conscious beliefs. We know it exists and can even have corrosive and fatal effects. We see it in medicine, the workplace, education, the police and more. But when it comes to eradicating prejudice, there is still a long way to go.

The Secret History of Food: A Weird But True Story About The Origin Of Everything We Eat By Matt Siegel

The Secret Food History is a rich and satisfying quest for the historical, cultural, scientific, sexual and, of course, culinary subcultures of this most important region. Siegel is not a chef’s knife, but an Anthony Bourdain armchair with knowledge gained from medieval food-related manuscripts, ancient Chinese scrolls, and ambiguous kitchen diaries. This entertaining and fascinating book is a must read for all foodies.

The Devil You Know: The Story of Human Cruelty and Compassion by Gwen Adshed

What is it that drives someone into terrible violence? Dr. Gwen Adshed offers new and amazing perspectives on violence and the spirit from 30 years of experience with people who have committed serious crimes. Through a collaboration with co-author Eileen Horn, Dr Adhead brings his extraordinary career to life with a series of steadfast portraits.

Good Anxiety: Using The Emotional Power Dr Wendy Suzuki Most Misunderstood

We live in a time of anguish. He often feels trapped in a never-ending cycle of stress, sleeplessness and anxiety. But what if there was a way to use anxiety to solve problems and improve happiness? What if you could recognize anxiety as a unique gift rather than seeing it as a curse?

for kids

Robot from the world book (series)

In 2021, the future is now! Robots are around us doing all kinds of jobs that were once only done by humans or dreamed of what we could do. Robots can move to places humans cannot go, such as active volcanoes, disaster areas, minefields, and outer space. It can also be moved to the human body. Discover the vast amount of work done by robots in this exciting new series of books on the world. There are lots of great photos of robots of all shapes, sizes, and abilities claiming to be theirs. The titles of the series are: Robot basics, robots: sensing and execution. Robots: Think and learn; Robots in motion; Work robots; play robots; Robots in motion; Support robots; Robots and humans and strange robots.

Age: 9-13

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