Library corner: winter brings adventure three times

Three books, three genres, three months – that’s the theme of GCLD’s annual winter reading adventure.

I don’t know about you, but winter in the highlands is an epic powder day. People are thrilled to hit the slopes, trails and rinks as the days get colder and the nights get longer. But what should we do on those cold winter nights in front of the fire or wrapped in a warm blanket (other than watching TV and cheering on Avs)?

GCLD has a big idea: snuggle up to a good fiction or non-fiction book, listen to an audiobook in a variety of formats, or read an eBook on your favorite device. We challenge people of all ages – from infants to adults – to join our winter reading adventure – November 1 to January 31 – at all five library branches.

As we know, children of all ages (and adults) benefit from the stories they read and hear every day. Research over the years has shown that there are many benefits to reading every day. Here are a few.

• Improves brain connectivity

• Increase vocabulary and comprehension

• Reduces stress

• Improves focus and concentration

• Fights symptoms of depression

• Lowers blood pressure and heart rate

• Improves memory

• Prevents cognitive decline due to aging

Winter holidays are an opportunity to share the classics or to take your imagination to a faraway place. Escape the cold by diving into a wonderful book.

When I asked my colleague, Tallie Gray, Library Resource Manager, for comments on this article, she jumped at the chance.

“I can’t wait to take on this challenge,” said Gray. “I think I’ll be traveling to warm places on my winter reading adventure.”

Here is the journey that Tallie took us using PIKA (the online catalog of the GCLD consortium) and NoveList as inspiration. Both online resources are available with a GCLD library card.

We searched for “travel memories” and “travel”. Our adventure began with the fictional titles “We Were Never Here” by Andrea Bartz, “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift, “The Girl from Everywhere” by Heidi Heilig and “April in Spain” by John Banville.

Then we moved on to non-fiction selections like “Wild Horses of the Summer Sun: A Memoir of Iceland” by Tory Bilski (wait, that’s not hot, but it sounds interesting), “Ten Years a Nomad: A Traveler’s Journey Home “by Matthew Kepnes and” Walk to Listen: What I Heard Walking 4,000 Miles Across America’s Highways “by Andrew Forsthoefel.

The final stop on our reading adventure included audiobooks and e-books found in OverDrive, like the young adult book, “As Far as You’ll Take Me” by Phil Stamper or a historical adult fiction story like ” Summer of ’69 “by Elin Hilderbrand.

There you have it, three books of three different genres in three months.

Complete the GCLD Challenge by completing a Winter Reading Adventure bookmark and bringing it back to your local library for a winter-themed completion surprise. Your name will also be entered in a raffle that will take place the first week of February. Start your new adventure today and explore all that GCLD has to offer.

“The Girl From Everywhere” by Heidi Heilig
“As far as you take me” by Phil Stamper
“Ten Years of Nomad: A Traveller’s Journey Home” by Matthew Kepnes

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