Journey to Arizona Delights; The return of Symphony Pro Musica

By Rosemary Rimkus, Hudson Chronicler

HUDSON – Your columnist enjoyed a week’s vacation in Tucson, Arizona, October 3-10, enjoying the sounds, smells and sunshine of the beautiful American Southwest and the warm hospitality of my hostesses, my daughter Julie Rimkus and his wife, Camille Derricotte.

Hudson Happ'nings columnist Rosemary Rimkus, left, Camille Derricotte and Julie Rimkus enjoy the Tucson 'Meet Yourself' Folk Life Festival on October 9.  .
Hudson Happ’nings columnist Rosemary Rimkus, left, Camille Derricotte and Julie Rimkus enjoy the Tucson ‘Meet Yourself’ Folk Life Festival on October 9. .

The highlight of the week was downtown Tucson Folklore festival “Meet Yourself”, featuring costumed artists of music and dance from Native Americans, American bluegrass, South America, China, Ireland, Japan, Scotland, Philippines, and more. Not only the performances, but the people watching was so much fun!

I also enjoyed walking on the water in the outdoor lane of the Tucson Tennis Club pool as Julie swam, driving south towards the Mexican border to Lake Patagonia State Park to enjoy her water. limpid lake and discover superb religious sanctuaries lit in the red rocky canyon by the side of the road, whose historical sign told us that it had been created in the 1940s in thanks for the safe return of the sons of a family of World War II.

This shrine was one of four illuminated religious scenes located in a red rock canyon near Patagonia, Arizona.  Founded in 1940
This shrine was one of four illuminated religious scenes located in a red rock canyon near Patagonia, Arizona. Founded in 1940 “on the basis of a vow to God for the safety of their sons during the war”, it was rededicated in 1980 by the Pemeria Alto Historical Society.
(Photo / Julie Rimkus)

At the Tucson Desert Art Museum, we marveled at the “Southwestern masterpieces” which included textiles, ceramics, Native American jewelry and a stunning photographic essay of the “Dirty Thirties,” documenting the conditions of the sharecroppers, displaced sharecroppers and migrant farm workers. .

Another surprise from Arizona was a five minute downpour that rained on our side of the street, while the sun prevailed on the other side. Unbelievable!

While my hostesses worked, I enjoyed reading, doing crossword puzzles, playing tennis on the TV, and watching a tiny hungry hummingbird at their feeder. It was a great vacation!

The return of Symphony Pro Musica

After a long absence due to COVID, the critically acclaimed Symphony Pro Music returns live on November 13-14, with the return of world-renowned cellist Zlatomer Fung.

Cellist Zlatomer Fung

Fung was a gold medalist at the International Tchaikovsky Competition and this will be his fifth participation with SPM.

Founder / Director Mark Churchill will lead for his 39e year.

The first performance will take place on Saturday, November 13 at 7:30 pm in the “Skip” Johnson Auditorium at Hudson High School. A second performance on Sunday November 14 at 3:30 p.m. will take place at Mechanics Hall in Worcester. For more information call 978-562-0939 or go to

The statue of the Virgin Mary has been moved to the Saint-Michel parish cemetery

The statue of the Virgin Mary, located for many years in front of the former Hudson Catholic High School on Main Street, has been moved to St. Michael’s Parish Cemetery on the Cox Street side. The statue was originally donated to the parish in memory of the late Dr. Arthur G. Richer, by his family.

HHS classes of 1955, 1956 hold meetings

Members of the Hudson High School classes from 1955-56 held joint reunions earlier this month, celebrating their 65e and 66e year since graduation. The class of 1956 met at Finnegan’s Pub on South Street. They also joined the Class of 1955 the following night at the Bolton Street Tavern.

Among the participants were: Ginny (Boire) Funk, Henry Ricker of Virginia, Joe MacPherson, Judy (Davis) Hebert, Ann (Burney) Dupont, Carol (Bousquet) Gault and Gerry Gault, Jim Martin, Red Barton, Dolores (Stanechewski ) Houchin from California, Sandra Gregoire, Diane (Allen) Buchanan, Sheila (Meschini) Chase, Lloyd Tucker, Barbara (Hobbs) Baker, Carol (Bonazzoli) Guerard, Joan (Thimot) Esche, Larry White, Bob Moraes, Holly and Nancy McAuliffe and Veronica Turner.

The Historical Society will host the presentation “High technology in Hudson”

Hudson resident Paul Delvy will speak about “High Tech in Hudson” at the next Hudson Historical Society meeting on Tuesday, October 26 at 7 p.m. at First Federated Church Hall, 200 Central St. Delvy will illustrate the many ways in which Hudson was instrumental. in technology development, including with Digital Technology Co., Honeywell, Intel, Wang Labs and others. President Christine DeMare invites members and friends to attend. Refreshments will be served.

Looking Back – 1966

Marie Mayo was the Hudson High School columnist in the Hudson News-Enterprise.

The ribbon winners in the Mass. State Rabbit and Cavy included: Pauline and Debra Brooks, Linda and Mike St. Amand, Brad and Christine Jenkins.

The Hudson Police Department reported 24 ambulance calls in September.

The Hudson Portuguese Club observed its 44e birthday.

Elaine Beede was back at Bates College after spending her freshman year in Britain.

Leo Murphy and Sherman Beattie were hostesses at the Washington Street Motors open house to display 1966 Oldsmobiles.

Happy birthday

22 october

Lynne Johnson, Mary Stapelfeld, Dick Mangus and Sophia Fleming

23 october

Kris Harrington and Sara Bowen

24 october

Dave jenkins

25 october

Catherine Russell, Patrick Crowley-Poirier, Bethany King and Steve Freitas.

Special greetings to Dave O’Neil from Hudson who will be celebrating his 95th birthday on October 25th.

October 26

Dave Cesario and Ryan Hartford

October 27

Jeff Parker, Matt Davis, Tom Noon and Joanne Ahearn

October 28

Katelyn Marie Terranova, Joel Patterson, Brittany Appleyard, Keith Poirier and Suzette Cunha

October 30

Joe Bleiler, Willow Beccia, Caitlyn Cole, Mike Drummey, Maureen Clarke, Jenny Geary, Colleen Tucker and Richard Hartford Jr.

October 31

Happy Halloween Birthday to Will Massinger, Elysha Megan Sathyaraz, Zachary Supernor, Katie Flanigan and Judy Powell

November, 1st

Tim VanVorse, Paul Tucker, Brett Gellenthien, Jay Cunha, Natalie Mollica, Kaileigh Chartrand, Christopher Anderson and Jonathan Prendergast

November 2

Cole DiPersio, Andy Keefe, Lauren Kelly Colbert, Chris McGuiness and Robert Yorston

November 3

Shirley Howard, Emily Martel and Nicole Parker

November 4

Mary Bruso, Jennifer Maglione and Marianne Massinger

November 5

“Nelly” Ahearn, Pat Irwin, Mary Claire MacMillan, Tammy Robidas and Paul Terranova.

Happy birthday

23 october

Ricky and Paulette Civitarese

October 26

Joe and Yvonne Bleiler

October 27

Ed and Marge O’Connor

October 28

Paul and Christine Terranova

November 3

George and Barbara Shea.

Send celebration notices etc. to 18 Cottage St., Hudson, MA 01749 or email [email protected]


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