Jeremiah Brown ’23 Wins Beinecke Scholarship for Graduate Studies

Jeremiah Brown ’23 is a major in education and sociology, and a minor in gender, sexuality, and feminist studies.

After Bowdoin, Brown intends to earn a doctorate in sociology from a top program like the University of California-Berkeley, the University of Chicago, or Yale or Harvard universities.

“Sociology transformed my life,” Brown wrote in his Beinecke nomination essay. He first encountered the domain when he signed up for Introduction to sociology with Assistant Professor of Sociology Marcos López during his first semester at Bowdoin.

Growing up in Arkansas, Brown said he struggled with self-esteem. But sociology, he explained, “has since become the center of my academic life” and “gave me the tools to love myself.”

“Although I had already determined that race could not be biological, sociology taught me that it was a social construct. Indeed, sociology provided the terminology, concepts and theories to make sense of my life experiences.” – Jeremiah Brown ’23

In addition to majoring in the subject at Bowdoin, Brown immersed himself in sociology.

As a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, he is writing a sociological thesis on what the market for men’s underwear reveals about gender and masculinity. “Although underwear seems like a harmless subject, I posit that it shapes the body and produces gender identity,” he argued in his essay.

He has also worked four times as a learning assistant for the introductory sociology course. Each time, he appreciates this work more. “I find heightened satisfaction in the experience of seeing students begin to think sociologically. I realized I was looking at students’ sociological and personal growth,” he said.

He plans to continue to find gratification as a teacher and researcher.

“As a future professor of sociology, I hope to teach my students to use sociology to understand the social world; as a sociologist, I hope to continue to investigate the taken-for-granted systems, structures, and institutions that shape the social world. Ultimately, I’m driven by a burning passion to give back to the discipline that helped me love myself fully,” he said.

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