Is Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s Wrexham AFC club real?

Ted Lasso Season 2 makes Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney the owners of Wrexham AFC football club, but is it based on real life?

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney appointed Ted lasso season 2 as the owners of the Wrexham AFC, but is this football club real? Apple TV + ‘s hit football comedy starring Jason Sudeikis constantly straddles the line between real-life SEO and creating your own fictional version of the world. While the main crew of AFC Richmond is an original creation for the series, Ted lasso has links to the real world of football with the Premier League and Manchester City among the real pillars of international football that have been confirmed to exist.

This balance between non-fiction and fiction has always been present in Ted lasso Season 2. The Dubai Air controversy in Episode 3 is another example of a bogus business or establishment existing in the series. Now, Ted lasso Season 2 episode 5 may have once again caused possible confusion for viewers: the episode includes Higgins mentioning that he received an email from Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney regarding a football club called Wrexham AFC. Ted lasso has named many actors over its two seasons, but is Reynolds and McElhenney’s Wrexham AFC still real?

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Wrexham AFC is a true football club which currently sits at the fifth level of the English football league system. The Welsh football team was founded in 1864 and has been promoted and relegated several times over the past 150 years. It wasn’t until late 2020, however, that Reynolds and McElhenney became the official owners of the Wrexham AFC. They became majority owners of the football club through RR McReynolds Company LLC. Since Ted lasso didn’t start filming until early 2021, the series quickly moved to include this reference to Reynolds and McElhenney’s Wrexham AFC.

Ted lassoThe mention of Reynolds and McElhenney’s involvement in Wrexham AFC is certainly a fun reference for viewers. It also contains a special connection for Apple TV +. McElhenney is perhaps best known for his role in It’s always nice in Philadelphia, but he also created Mythic Quest for the streaming service. The first two seasons of the series were incredibly well received, so showcasing it, even in this way, could bring more visibility to the series. Reynolds also stars in upcoming Apple TV + original film Fiery. Reynolds and McElhenney have already responded in a fun way to the cry, posting a cease and desist letter to Ted lasso.

The biggest question that Ted lassoReynolds, McElhenney and Wrexham AFC’s benchmark raises the question of whether or not the two actors might or might not appear as themselves at some point. A cameo in season 2 is unlikely, but Ted lassoThe growing popularity of could lead one or both of them to the show for a quick guest appearance in Season 3. Seeing how Ted Lasso would react to meeting the two celebrities is reason enough for this crossover to happen. . How this could have happened for the story may be a little more difficult to explain, but I hope, Ted lasso can figure out a way to get Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney to appear.

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