Harrison Central School District: University Essay Workshop Ends

September 27, 2021

The objective of the workshop is to support students in writing their college essays. English teachers provide explicit instructions on brainstorming ideas, selecting a topic, writing, reviewing and editing their college essay. Students receive support from their peers and several teachers in one-on-one conferences. Teachers provide personalized instruction, supporting all students in their writing process. The majority of the class is made up of small groups and one-on-one lectures where students receive explicit feedback on their writing. These powerful conversations enabled students to make major changes in the writing of their academic essay.

Students were encouraged to attend the three sessions of the workshop:

Session 1: In June, students participated in a zoom meeting and breakout rooms, where they responded to various prompts to help them begin their essay.

Session 2: This week-long summer workshop allowed students to progress through the writing process, focusing on collecting ideas, peer feedback, in-depth readings and writing suggestions from teachers. Some mini-lessons during this week included making a solid start, slowing down college essay stories, and determining the “so-what” of a college essay.

Session 3: This Saturday workshop allowed students to receive feedback on their “near-done” essays. The students worked with several teachers on reviewing and editing the college essay.

The students found the workshops useful and powerful. One student shared, “In all sessions, spring, summer and now this fall workshop, I feel so good with my completed essay. “

This press release was produced by the Harrison Central School District. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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