Grisham writes “Frozen Thriller” in “The Judge’s List”

The list of judges

by John Grisham

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John Grisham released his latest crime thriller, The list of judges, just in time for the Christmas presents. Over the past 33 years he has written 37 novels and it would be hard to find an aspect of crime that he did not address. Everyone has a favorite, whether it’s their first, A time to kill, Where The company, each is a legal thriller concerning a new corner of crime. He even turned to non-fiction with The innocent man. This latest book, however, tracks down a serial killer, a sitting judge, allowing him to cover various aspects of the law hitherto untouched by him.

Lacy Stoltz is once again the key investigator following the leads of Jeri Crosby whose father had been murdered some 20 years earlier. Jeri has become obsessed with hunting down the person she believes to be the murderer, and her own fear drives her to seek Lacy’s expertise while serving the Florida Board of Judicial Conduct. Lacy is tired of her work with this advice and ready to join Jeri.

Twenty years of following this man who happens to be Judge Ross Bannick, a well-respected judge under the jurisdiction of Lacy, Florida, has widened the field, with several others who have met Judge Bannick’s displeasure and become victims. The “list” is the judge’s chronological list of his victims and those who escaped. Lacy is well aware that a few wrong moves could mean her name could easily be added to this list.

While there are many clues and suspicions, there are also floating poems relating to eight known bodies and at least five victims, and the trail is littered with roadblocks. The time frame is bad enough, but the judge is brilliant and knows forensics, police procedure and is an accomplished expert in the field of law. He’s always one step ahead of Lacy and his team. The elapsed time becomes even more of a problem (PTP, partial thumbprint) not to mention the fingerprints of the deceased.

Grisham delights with unusual names and aliases Lacy’s boyfriend, Allie Pacheco, Ellen Nickelerry, Diana Zhurg, Nic Constantine and Verno Dunwoody, as the site floats like a moving script from Florida to New Mexico.

The list of judges is indeed a thriller and is so called by book reviews. It’s also called a “frozen thriller” in a way John Grisham has never proposed before.

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