Citizens for Global Solutions Maine Chapter Essay Contest

All over Maine, young people, including high school, college and university students, are now entering an essay competition that challenges them to find comprehensive solutions to global problems. These issues include climate change, pandemics, loss of biodiversity, poverty and wealth disparities, hunger / famine and uncontrolled migration.

The need for global solutions has grown dramatically since World War II and becomes more pressing every day as global problems continue to be addressed in fragmented, short-term and otherwise inadequate ways. A tripling of the population since World War II and the demands it places on natural resources, along with weak environmental laws, are severely damaging the world’s survival system with predicted dire consequences. In short, global problems need global solutions as soon as possible.

Is strengthening multilateral treaties a promising path to solutions? Are the reform and strengthening of the United Nations likely to provide these solutions? Would a democratic world federation of nations, as it is today partly in place on a smaller scale in the European Union, be possible and likely to provide the necessary solutions? These are some of the tough questions faced by essay contest candidates.

The competition is sponsored by the Maine Chapter of Citizens for Global Solutions ( Candidates for the essay must be under 30 years of age and their essays should not exceed 1,500 words. The deadline for submission is November 15th. The prizes of the winners are the first of $ 500, the second of $ 300 and the third of $ 200. For more details, including the rules and how to enter the contest, contact [email protected]

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