Australian essayist analyzes U.S. and Australian economies in inspiring collection of essays

Charles Pinwill explores the various concerns within society in “Different Essays: (They Are Certainly Different)”

SPIRIT, Australia, September 20, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Author Charles Pinwill is convinced that nations do not properly account for their financial accounts and therefore cannot understand their economies. In “Different tests: (they are certainly different)”, Pinwill presents the first income statement produced for United States and the first global assessment carried out for Australia to show that with scholarly accounts, modern nations are profitable. The objective of this book is to promote more realistic policies in the fields of finance, economy and public policies in order to promote greater human satisfaction and to cultivate an environment of responsible freedoms for all.

After the author felt dissatisfied with public policies in many areas, he was inspired to rethink, research and share realistic answers to societal problems. Pinwill emphasizes that acquiring the basic means to sustain life is not the end or the goal of a higher existence. “Different Essays” further explains how money is created cost-free by vested interests and how measured deficiencies in consumer purchasing in society can be distributed as a national dividend. Using his original perspective and dry sense of humor, he also tackles topics such as politics, history, family and the environment.

“My goal is to promote a more realistic finance / economy and public policy to give greater efficiency in terms of human satisfaction, in an environment of responsible freedoms for all,” said Pinwill.

Ultimately, through this inspiring collection, Pinwill reveals that what is true goes beyond human thought and that it is very important to find a correct relationship between mind and economic facts.

“Different essays: (They are certainly different)”
Through Charles Pinwill
ISBN: 9781982290085 (soft cover); 9781982290092 (electronic)
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa press

About the Author
Charles Pinwill is an Australian essayist and editor of a monthly magazine known for his conceptual thinking. He favors areas in which he can offer a unique and different “take” on the subject and introduce his readers to the unknown. Pinwill tackles a wide range of fields including history, environment, economics, money, family, politics, and humor in his essays. Pinwill currently resides in Minden, Australia.

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