Apple seizes rights to non-fiction film about the life of Michael J. Fox

Apple Original Films has secured the rights to an untitled feature film about the life and times of Michael J. Fox. Oscar-winning director Davis Guggenheim is set to direct. Currently, the film is in production in New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

The film intends to explore the extraordinary life of Fox in his own words. The non-fiction film plans to incorporate archival footage as well as scripted elements to tell the story of a small child from a Canadian Army base who rises to the heights of stardom in the 1980s. at Hollywood.

The film will also explore Fox’s public life. Along with nostalgic thrills and cinematic brilliance, viewers will get access to Fox’s never-before-seen personal journey. This will include access to the years since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 29.

Eradicate Parkinson’s disease

While many Fox fans are familiar with his history with Hollywood, from his undeniably iconic role as Marty McFly in Back to the futureto his role as Republican teenager Alex P. Keaton in Family tiesit is also important to consider his massive contributions to the eradication of Parkinson’s disease.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease Research has had a significant impact on every level. In addition to his foundation’s funding investigations that have resulted in more than 20 early-stage therapeutic programs, the MJFF-sponsored Parinkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative has created one of the libraries of datasets and samples strongest biologicals in the history of Parkinson’s disease research. This has helped countless doctors explore the genomes of a variety of patients suffering from the disease.

Additionally, the Foundation’s online clinical study, known as Fox Insight, has helped people with Parkinson’s and their families take a more active role in research. Those who want to get involved are encouraged to take an active role in sharing their life experiences with the disease.

Michael J. Fox finds an apple

The currently unnamed Michael J. Fox feature will be produced by Concordia Studio. Guggenheim, Annetta Marion, Will Cohen and Jonathan King will serve as producers. Executive producers include Laurene Powell Jobs, Jonathan Stillberg, Nicole Stott and Nelle Fortenberry.

This project also marks the second partnership between Apple and Concordia Studios. The first project being state of the boysan Emmy Award-winning documentary. state of the boys follows the story of 1,110 Texas boys who band together to form representative government from the ground up.

No word yet on a release date, but expect that and more to come to Apple TV+.

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