actors return to “macha” shows after two years | Kolkata News

Calcutta: After the two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, artists have started performing again. Many districts in Bengal have started hosting ‘macha’ performances. Actors who are popular as TV presenters or protagonists of mega soap operas are back to do such shows while criss-crossing the state.
In neighborhoods like Midnapore, the number of “macha” shows has increased by leaps and bounds. A minimum of 5,000 to 7,000 people attend a “macha” performance if there is a pandal. In case of indoor shows, participation depends on the capacity of the auditorium. However, there are no all-night shows now. The budget for an average “macha” show is down 5% from what it was before the pandemic. “The cost of hosting an average ‘macha’ show is now Rs 15 lakh while the artists’ budget is around Rs 12 lakh,” said impresario Tochon Ghosh. According to Ghosh, Tollywood superstars have reduced “macha” shows. However, stars like Rachna Banerjee, who are now anchoring non-fiction shows, are in high demand. “I can go so far as to say that viewers are in love with her avatar in Didi #1,” he added.
There is also a huge demand for actors who play lead characters in mega soap operas. Fans know them by their screen names. Not only do they dance to their hit numbers, but some actors also sing along to entertain their fans.
Shruti Das, the lead actor of ‘Desher Mati’, is overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of his fans. “Those like me, who have become popular through megaseries, are looking forward to these shows. Our fans also feel the same. I feel blessed when I see the increase in viewership even when “Desher Mati” is not more aired. It’s a heavenly feeling to get that kind of response,” she said.
When asked how she deals with health protocol issues when performing in front of a crowd, she replied, “We can’t wear masks and sing. Our fans come to look at our faces. Using a mask defeats this purpose. Das makes it a point to use disinfectants once she shakes hands with a fan. Its bouncers are also very careful.
“Before a show ends, I always ask my fans to be safe. I am happy that we were able to return to normal life from the new normal that we were used to, ”she added.
Thousands of people waiting until midnight to see the stars is a special feeling, actor Neel Bhattacharya said. “They scream when I walk in and they dance with me. It feels like the pre-pandemic era. I hope Covid doesn’t hit back and life will go on like this,” he said.

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