A young Gravette rider brings home rodeo trophies

GRAVETTE – Rodeo champions are developed from an early age. Some of the best have been competing since they were able to sit on a horse for the first time.

Landyn Kash Perrine, 12, daughter of John and Kelly Wilson Perrine, is one of those who started her training early, and all the hard work seems to have paid off. She competed this year at the American Quarter Horse Association Youth World Championship and won the Level 1 Pole Vault World Champion trophy.

Youth World is held annually in Oklahoma City. The 2021 event was the largest in Youth World history. Lasting 11 days, it drew 5,800 participants, including 284 for the first time. Participants came from 39 states, South Africa, Paraguay and Saskatchewan, Canada. Landyn was one of 24 participants from Arkansas this year.

This year’s Youth World theme was “Make Your Mark”. In addition to participating in their rodeo events, the young riders took part in contests to decorate jeans, boots and stands as well as essay writing and photography contests. The Arkansas riders did well in state competitions. They took second place in the stand decoration competition.

In 2020, Landyn won the Bronze Trophy in Tier 1 Pole Bending, placed 12th in the Barrel Race and sixth in the Stake Race. This year, she only competed in pole vault and barrel bending. It took fourth place in barrels. Her time last year in the post bending event was 21.778, and this year she has cut her time by almost a minute, to 20.785.

The pole bending is Landyn’s favorite event, she said. It is a timed event in which horse and rider weave around six poles arranged in a straight line.

Landyn has qualified for the Little Britches National Finals for the past two years, but felt participating in Youth World was a better opportunity for her. She spends a lot of time working hard with her horses, especially her equine partner, a 2005 mare named Harlans Baldy Jo. She is home schooled and after completing her homework goes to work at KC Equine Therapy in Gravette. She also trains horses and gives riding lessons.

“Dad and I are very proud of Landyn and his equine partner,” says Kelly Perrine, Landyn’s dam. “Owning this mare is a dream come true. Landyn deserves the best. She works hard every day with her horses. Home schooling allows her to spend more time doing what she loves. very proud of Landyn’s work ethic. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. Every day she creates a new chapter in her book of life. A day that will be full of fun stories from growing up, of lessons in life, of triumph over tragedy, of stories only legends can tell. “

Submissive Photo Twelve-year-old rodeo champion Landyn Kash Perrine poses with her mount, Harlans Baldy Jo, in front of the entrance to the main arena of the American Quarter Horse Association Youth World. Perrine displays the bronze trophy she won in level 1 pole bending during the competition in Oklahoma City.

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