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May 17, 2022, 9:43 a.m.

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Phil Klay, Uncertain Ground

Phil Clay, Uncertain ground

“An introspective collection of essays… Klay’s reassuring voice offers truth, hope, and paths forward during a difficult and polarized time in America.”
-List of books

You have a friend in 10A _ Coverage

Maggie Shipstead, You have a friend in 10A

“In this follow-up to his shortlisted Booker great circleShipstead displays a bright and demanding language as she demonstrates her flair for crafting distinctive characters who more or less successfully deal with what life throws at them.
–Library Journal

Eliza Smith and Haley Swanson, eds., Sex and the Single Woman

ed. Eliza Smith and Haley Swanson Sex and the single woman
(Harper Perennial)

“Each essay offers a unique perspective…themes of friendship and trauma are present throughout the collection, which is mostly respectful of its source material but unafraid to call on many of its outdated notions.

Emma Straub, this time tomorrow

Emma Straub, Tomorrow at this time

“Straub is an expert chronicler of the social mores and inner lives of her (mostly) bourgeois characters, and here she delivers an infallible bestseller.”
–Oprah Daily

his name is george floyd

Robert Samuels and Toluse Olorunnipa, His name is George Floyd

“This multi-faceted and exceptionally informative account is both a moving testimony from Floyd and a devastating indictment of America’s racial inequalities.”
–Publisher Weekly

the colony_audrey magee

Audrey Magee, The colony

“[The Colony] contains multitudes – about families, about men and women, about rural communities – with much of it barely visible on the surface, like the flicker of a smile or a shark in the water.
-The temperature

Putsata Reang_Ma and me

Putsata Reang, Mom and Me: A Memoir

“Family ties and the scars of war are painstakingly examined in this luminous debut from journalist Reang… This story of survival radiates resilience and hope.”
–Publisher Weekly

Candice Millard_River of the Gods

Candice Millard, River of the Gods
(double day)

“Candice Millard has won her legions of admirers. She’s a graceful writer and an attentive researcher, and she knows how to navigate a tangled story.
–The New York Times book review

She is haunted

Paige Clark, She is haunted
(Two Dollar Radio)

“By turns devastating and hilarious, Clark’s outstanding debut collection directly addresses the emotional core of his characters and their conflicts in stories that examine Asian identity, family relationships, climate anxiety and gender with astonishing insight. nuance and clarity.”
–Publisher Weekly

Eimear Ryan, holding his breath

Eimear Ryan, Holding her breath

Holding her breath does not look like a first novel; it shows the skillful self-assurance of someone who has spent years training for it… A sparsely written and emotionally touching coming of age story.
–The Irish Times

James Spooner_The High Desert

James Spooner, The High Desert: Black. Punk. Nowhere.

“Spooner, the filmmaker behind the Afro Punk documentary and festivals, begins with a graphic memoir as abrasive and revealing as the music he has chosen.
–Publisher Weekly

the long corner_maksik

Alexander Maksik, The long corner

“[A] a scathing satire… Readers will revel in the tumultuous reversal of a self-centered personality.
–Publisher Weekly

mother noise_cindy house

Cindy House, mother noise

“A powerful and brilliant exploration of motherhood and its inextricable connections to the other selves that make up a mother; those plays that society does not accept as part of the ingrained narrative about the meaning and purpose of motherhood.
–Library Journal

We measure the Earth with our bodies

Tsering Yangzom Lama, We measure the Earth with our bodies

“Lama debuts the heartfelt and magical saga of love, sacrifice and the legacy of a Tibetan family.”
–Publisher Weekly

mirror in rain_naheed phiroze patel

Naheed Phiroze Patel, mirror made of rain
(Anonymous press)

“Patel’s harrowing early life offers a mirror image of the luxurious homes of Indian high society in Kamalpur, Mumbai and New Delhi.”
–Publisher Weekly

William Brewer, The Red Arrow

Guillaume Brewer, The red arrow

“Thought-provoking and moving… A particularly bookish effort, a heady and inventive novel with clever things to say about mental illness, perception, creativity and psychedelic drugs.”
–The San Francisco Chronicle

kwame onwuachi_my america

Kwame Onwachi, My America: the recipes of a young black chef

“One man’s unique gastronomic journey proves universally appealing in this hearty collection.”
–Publisher Weekly

naughty baby selma blair

Selma Blair, naughty baby

“If you thought you knew Selma Blair, think again.”
-Marie Claire

office best friends

Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, office best friends
(Dey Street)

“A smart, sweet look from inside The Office at how the show spawned lasting friendships and unexpected careers.”

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